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Another cup of coffee anyone?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Coffee is a food group along side chocolate. Indubitably.

It was nearing the end of the second week of social distancing and pretty much every large and small town, city and state was taking on a surreal, hectic, yet mundane vibe. There I was, systematically, almost like being on an autopilot program, ambling through my morning routines: Wake up; make a pot of coffee; answer email; attend online meetings; host some online meetings, etc., etc., etc. It was nearing the late afternoon someday during the second week of this social experiment, when I made the next batch of my favorite French roast for a pick-me-up. Suddenly, it occurred to me. I was really, really missing my students! If we cannot be together in class, then why don't I just reach out to you all and share my time with you!

Suddenly, it occurred to me. I really missed my students!

Nothing beats that first cup of coffee

This is how this channel got started. I was already making lesson videos for my chemistry classes, and this seemed like a good thing. Now, I'm not doing this for any fortune or fame. I'm not seeking sponsorship, nor monetizing the channel to supplement my retirement accounts. I started this on a whim. A week or so into making these videos a few students emailed me to tell me how much they appreciated me "spending time with them." It made me feel more connected to you; if only a few then it was worth it. So, I decided to continue making videos. Truth be told, making the video lessons for prepared4science and the laid back ones for another cup of coffee inspired me to revamp my website.

I used to spend hours, days, weeks of my time in my early teaching years creating websites from scratch; I liked dabbling in html coding and such. However, life just got too busy with the responsibilities of raising a young child and keeping up with my professional duties. So, I stopped making content; stopped weaving my scientific, arcane coding spells. I suppose we can thank the pandemic and forced social distancing for affording me time to get refocused and repurposed as an educator.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join me weekly as I share my day with you, some news and a great cup of coffee. ☕


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